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Fiona MacLeod - Jack et la sorcière de mer et autres contes d’Écosse

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***This book***
Discover this old country full of magic and mysteries through 4 original tales:
- En route pour l'Ecosse
- Jack et la sorcière de mer
- Le pont d'un seul brin de cheveu
- La souris bilingue
With a humorous pen, Fiona MacLeod tells us about an elephant who, when he arrived in Scotland, bought 227 umbrellas, or Jack who wanted to marry a mermaid.
The text is enhanced with illustrations by Joelle Jolivet, who opts for primary colours and lines that remind us of wood engraving.

***This binding***
Flat back, half-canvas with strips. A beautiful green canvas is associated with a paper with green, turquoise and gold patterns, which are like dragon scales!
18 x 19 cm, 128 pages.
Editions Syros, 1997.