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June 06, 2018
Ivan Bilibin is one of the great illustrators (among other skills) of the early 20th century.
He puts his talent at the service of the pictorial renewal of Russian art and is particularly active in the development of theatre sets and book illustrations.

The illustration of traditional Russian tales is his favourite field. He blends his fine knowledge of Russian cultural heritage with a sense of page layout and image setting that completely goes beyond the "decoration" of the book: one can speak directly of illumination. Enhanced by his artistic culture (Art nouveau to Japanese printmaking..), his practice aims to create a harmonious, lively page, where the drawing is designed with its setting of borders, cartouches or friezes. The medieval spirit, manifested as much in the design of the page as in the costumes of the characters, suits the magical and wonderful register of the tale.
Of course, Bilibin did a portrait of Baba Yaga!