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Traditional costume
June 06, 2018
Here is the image that inspired the first track, taken from the article National costume of women in Russia XVII-XX centuries .
It is a dress from the first half of the 19th century.
The sarafan, the dress whose straps here are covered by the dushegreia, is commonly worn in northern and central Russia for several centuries. Its shapes, colours and patterns depend on where it is made. And like all clothing, sophistication depends on your purse... or the purse you claim to own. The whole confers a massive and simple form, as underlined by this rich article.
The headdress, called kokoshnik (from the slavon kokoch : the hen - a family tie in addition to the baba Yaga and her chicken-house), is historically worn by married women, with a scarf. Here, he's from the Tver area.