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I have been a bookbinder for several years. As a paper lover, I go beyond the field of binding to develop original objects.

*** Bookbinding ***

Books are my first passion, and I have made them my profession. This craft requires rigour and care, but is very well enriched by creativity and innovation.
Binding is the act of binding, re-binding a work. Sewing is the cornerstone of this practice, before being wrapped - or not - in a blanket. Attention to materials is crucial, as it determines the strength and beauty of the whole.

It is an original, long-lasting way to take a book in hand and love it. And as always, it can be tailor-made.

*** Pop-up ***

A pop-up is a paper-based system that allows you to develop volume elements. In other words, the pop-up map is flat when closed. Open, folding mechanism allows the elements to rise.

My cards are made with patience and love. They are almost always original designs, which I imagine according to the desires and occasions. Many cards were made thanks to the request of my customers, who wanted to have a special card on a specific theme.

It all starts with an idea, which is defined in sketches and drawings. The most daring projects require models before the final realization. I use all kinds of paper: coloured, laid, cloudy, grainy, metallic, etc. But also marbled or hand-painted paper. I take great care in the choice of colours and weights. Everything is done at home, individually and by hand, most of the time with a scalpel on a cutting board. Pop-ups require little material, but a lot of time and attention!

I participate in exhibitions from time to time, which are a privileged moment to meet you and make you discover my work. Keep an eye on my news :)