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Two new highlights
December 21, 2017
Jean-Philippe Rebotier did not stop there. I can't resist the pleasure of showing you two different versions of the same card, each with its own strength, identity and bias. The lights reveal "places" of completely different feathers, while allowing to feel the very cloudy touch of the beautiful white paper where the feathers are cut out.

A new way to highlight
December 21, 2017
It is through a long thinking about colors and their alter ego, light, that the photographer Jean-Philippe Rebotier knew how to emphasize my work through his. You can thus discover the shades of grey of the forest where the wolf is hidden, the softness of the flowers, the remoteness of the grandmother's house... We also appreciate the texture of the papers: the beautiful white Pergamon paper, or the grey igraph of trees.

It is the story of a fox named Fox, and its star named Star. Fox is very small, in such a big forest. But he has his Star. She guides him, enlightens him, gives him joy and serenity. When Star suddenly disappears, Fox wakes up in a dark, outer, indifferent world.

Coralie Bickford-Smith is a graphic designer at Penguin. After sumptuously illustrating the cover of many titles, here is her first personal work.
The prose is the same as the one we love in Le Petit Prince : simple, poetic, it has something direct, spontaneously sensitive. Incredibly effective, like a tale. It talks about friendship, the search for self, for sure, but also about dependence, abandonment and the experience of otherness.

And the graphics... The author likes patterns. A lot. A few colours, a clean line. And lots of patterns.
Of those who make the richness of Art Nouveau, but this time playing the main role of the image. And with the same economy of full and empty.

Far from the often seductive but sometimes anecdotal albums for children, The Fox and the Star immediately caught my attention. I never tire of reading and watching this little masterpiece.

Olivier Cossu and Jean-Marc Desrosiers invite us to watch their film on youtube! A great opportunity to discover a fascinating and surprising documentary about these very special books, with the participation of many artists and actors of their creation.

Recently, the very beautiful Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book was published by Yoojin Kim, a talented designer and paper engineer, teamed with award-winning author Janet Lawler and artist Lindsay Dale-Scott.

We are delighted from the first page. Have you ever dreamed of being able to change the colour of the leaves yourself? A pull tab invites you, for a result of great delicacy, very poetic.

Then comes the paintings. Each pop-up is dense, multiple elements rise from all sides, the illustration is tender and the range of colors flamboyant. Everything is well printed on both sides. We learn to look at the dead leaves as a class="main-color">fragile architecture with mushrooms as the only horizon.

A moment of calm and ingenious for a majestic season.

In Rambouillet
November 30, 2017
By a beautiful November morning, fresh and sunny, surrounded by honey pots, wooden nativity scenes, soft slippers, jewellery...
Tinu pop-up and Small Page welcome you! Discover custom leather belts and a range of stationery designed and produced by Madeleine Riveron, as well as pop-up cards and Sarah Mohisen's new collection of paper pins.

Next trip out
November 25, 2017
Let's say you were planning on picking mushrooms. In a forest of the Yvelines. Tomorrow, tomorrow.
What a surprise! Come see me at Rambouillet Christmas market, Sunday, November 26th, and discover my brand new pin collection!
I will have the pleasure to be accompanied by the workshop Petit Page < which proposes leather and paper articles, from the artisanal belt to the delicate notebook!